The National Catholic Development Conference is the recognized voice of the Catholic fundraising community in the United States. Because of this NCDC actively engages in coalitions and alliances to further the common good of the nonprofit sector, and more specifically the interests of the religious and Catholic institutions, agencies and organizations that are its members.

We also advocate for ethical, accountable and professional fundraising best practices within the Catholic Church. We strongly promote fundraising as a recognized ministry of the church.

The following are some of the issues that NCDC addresses, most often in collaboration with others:

  • Protection of the nonprofit and particularly the religious exemption at federal and state levels
  • Continuation of tax incentives for charitable giving including: tax deductions for charitable giving, IRA Rollover for charitable gifts exemption, and preservation of estate taxes
  • Support of self-regulation in the nonprofit sector as opposed to additional regulation and oversight at the state and federal levels, including individual or institutional certification requirements
  • Excessive registration requirements and fees for fundraising efforts, and more specifically annuity programs
  • Affordable postal rates and reasonable postal requirements and delivery services
  • Appropriate regulation of exemptions for noncash gifts


NCDC actively represents the interests of its members through strong affiliations with many national philanthropic and professional organizations.