The NCDC logo is the property of the National Catholic Development Conference, Inc. Use of the name “National Catholic Development Conference,” “NCDC,” and the logo is only granted by permission in accordance with the following guidelines.


Ordinary Use                                                             

An NCDC Corporate Partner may use the NCDC logo:

  • On their stationery
  • On their website
  • In display advertising
  • As part of a standard “affiliation” line of logos


  • Submit a written request (fax, email, or mail)
  • List where the logo will appear
  • List the descriptor(s), if applicable, i.e., “member”
  • Use only the official logo from NCDC

One-Time Use                                                            

A NCDC Corporate Partner or Conference Exhibitor may request to use the NCDC logo once for a special promotional piece. For example:

  • Tote bag insert or pre-conference advertising for the Annual NCDC Conference or another conference/trade show
  • Invitation to a sponsored session during the Annual Conference
  • Trade show gifts
  • Any electronic, printed or imprinted promotional material that is not considered “ordinary use”


  • Submit a written request (fax, e-mail or mail)
  • Use only the official logo from the National Office
  • Submit copy to the National Office for approval prior to distribution


Logo Formatting                                                       

Only the official logo provided by the NCDC National Office may be used without alteration.  There are no specific color requirements.


Name Usage                                                              

The same criteria apply to the use of the name “National Catholic Development Conference” as described above.


Language and Wording                                            

In using the logo or name of the organization, the following descriptors are acceptable:

  • Member, proud member, member since ____, member for ___years
  • Partner
  • Sponsor, if applicable


In using the logo or name of the organization, the following are not acceptable:

  • Endorsed by
  • Approved by
  • Recognized by
  • Accredited by
  • Certified by
  • Authorized by
  • Sanctioned by
  • Other language similar in nature


For logo usage and permission, please contact