Those raising funds for Catholic organizations are often faced with unique challenges. For example, techniques and practices used by other non-profit organizations may not work in the Catholic context, or they may need to be adapted — that's why we have gathered a collection of prominent thought leaders in the Catholic Fundraising and Nonprofit industries to help you and your colleagues better understand how to approach these challenges with an innovative mindset. 

At the Annual NCDC Conference, you can rest easy and know that no matter what session you are in, everybody in the room is facing the same challenges and seeking the best methods to support their mission — and we're here to help!





Thank you for speaking at the NCDC Conference and Exposition!

As a conference speaker, we ask you to please complete the following:

  • Speaker Agreement– Please complete and submit the online speaker agreement as soon as possible to confirm your speaking engagement.
  • Review your session title and description online. Take special note of the intended audience level for consideration when preparing your presentation.
  • Please contact Sharon Unterreiner at the NCDC office if any part of your session listing needs correction.
  • Review the NCDC Speaker Guidelines.
  • Submit your bio and photo- You will receive an invitation by email from sched.org to complete your conference speaker profile.
  • August 15: Presentation submission.Please send all presentation materials electronically to Sharon Unterreiner by this date so they may be posted online for attendee use.
  • August 15: Additional a/v equipment request deadline.All presentation rooms are equipped with an LCD projector and screen and appropriate audio equipment. Please note: THERE WILL NOT BE A COMPUTER IN YOUR PRESENTATION ROOM.


NCDC Speaker Guidelines

We respectfully ask that our conference speakers adhere to the following guidelines:

Presentation Content

  • Speakers should address the audience level as stated in the session description.
  • The cover slide of the PowerPoint presentation and printed materials should be clearly branded as an NCDC session. The presentation cover slide should include the NCDC 50th Anniversary logo. Download here
  • The inside pages of the presentation should not be company branded. Presenter name(s) and contact information may appear at the bottom of the cover page of the printed materials and/or as a second slide. Company logos should not appear in the presentation aside from the single contact information slide.
  • Speakers must provide final electronic presentations and handouts to NCDC by August 15. Email presentations to Sharon Unterreiner (sunterreiner@ncdc.org)

Preconference Preparations

  • NCDC’s commitment to good stewardship includes care for the earth. We strive to be green wherever logical and possible. To that end, we do not print presentations or handouts. If your presentation necessitates printed handouts (ie, spreadsheets with small numbers, etc.), please prepare and bring them on your own, at your own expense. (Keep in mind these will also be available to attendees through the NCDC website.)
  • Speakers should arrange any additional A/V requirements with NCDC by August 15. All presentation rooms will be equipped with an LCD projector/screen and appropriate microphones. There will NOT BE A COMPUTER IN YOUR PRESENTATION ROOM. Please contact Sharon Unterreiner sunterreiner@ncdc.org, with any additional requests.
  • Speakers should indicate as far as possible in advance should any unforeseen events cause an inability to present.

On-Site Arrangements

  • Please check in at the registration desk when arriving at the Conference. NCDC staff will be able to assist you with important Conference information, including room location, schedule, and any last-minute changes.

Thank you very much for presenting at the NCDC Conference!
If you have any questions, please contact Sharon Unterreiner (sunterreiner@ncdc.org)
or call the NCDC office at (888) 879-6232.


NCDC is seeking facilitators for NCDC Conference Roundtables, which will be held on Monday, September 17, 10:00 - 11:00 a.m.

Round Tables are a facilitated discussion on a particular fundraising topic with a small group of people. They are a great opportunity to network with others in an  informal setting. Attendees do not have to pre-register for the discussions.


  • Companies are limited to ONE round table.
  • Each topic may have one facilitator's name listed.
  • Each facilitator will be given one numbered banquet table that corresponds to the master topic list for each session.
  • Make sure your title is catchy and descriptive. The list of round tables is published online, but does not include a description. 
  • Roundtable submissions are subject to approval of NCDC.